I think the theatre, the man made black box is suffocating Magma and the audience.

It makes people behave themselves, be quiet.

Its a Drag Man.

We need to rip the whole thing open.

I was lucky to have the chance to perform Magma outside in a forest clearing for Fey festival.

The nature helped the work.

Trees and Sun and Moon, and booze and a breeze man....thats what im talking about.

The show began at dusk in natural light with two Lights fixed to the trees

on a slow 30min fade up of red light.


As the sun set the theatre lights arrived.

Their were two large speakers and a mixing desk.

the audiance gatherd around the carpets thrown on the floor.

we drank and smoked and danced.

We would like to perform are Lady Magma ritual outside in nature. If your festival can support this please contact us. 

Its time to let the Witches outside.